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Alton greenhouses are only made from the best Western Red Cedar, this is supplied from renewable sources.
Cedarwood is renowned for its extraordinary durability, it doesn’t shrink, warp or swell excessively and is very easy to apply wood preservatives to as it readily holds wood stains and micro-porous paints.
It has very good insulating qualities and its distinctive, pleasant aroma is naturally repellent to moths, insects and vermin.
All Alton un-painted greenhouses are factory-treated by totally immersing them in a Golden Honey cedar preservative prior to delivery, which renders the timber virtually immune to decay, while Altons painted greenhouses look very stylish in any garden setting and are protected with a micro porous paint.
If you would like to keep your Alton greenhouse the original warm, golden honey colour, they recommend you re-treat your frame annually. If you decide not to treat it annually, the cedarwood will gradually fade to its attractive natural appearance - this will vary from almost pure white of the narrow sapwood to the light straw shade of the heartwood.
This fading will not affect you greenhouse and will not affect your 10 year framework guarantee.

Cedar wood corner joint



All Alton greenhouses are supplied with toughened safety glass as standard, conforming to BS 6206 – Class A.
In the event of a breakage, it will shatter into small fragments, very similar to a car wind shield, rather than in jagged shards, reducing the chance and severity of cuts or other injuries – giving peace of mind around small children, elderly relatives, or pets.
Full-length glazing means no overlaps as you get with smaller panes of glass and no algae build-up between the glass joints.
The panes of toughened safety glass are held in place by Cedar glazing beads, this means there’s no need for putty and it’s very simple and easy to replace any panes that do get broken.


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