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Amateur Greenhouse

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Alton greenhouses are the only UK greenhouse manufacturer to have the unique Concrete kerb system. This unique system makes it far easier for you to erect your new Alton greenhouse, giving you a very strong and firm foundation. The cedarwood is kept 5” off the floor, - this helps prevent rot which is caused by build up of soil and leaves at the bottom of the greenhouse framework. Alton greenhouses have no step at the door – this allows easy access for you to get in and out and for the use of a wheelbarrow.

Guttering is Included

When YOU compare an Alton greenhouse to other makes of wooden greenhouses, remember you need guttering and most Alton greenhouses INCLUDE a full set of guttering and downpipes for both sides. Some other manufacturers of greenhouse can charge as much as £200-£400 for a set of guttering and downpipes! .

Unique 'Vent-access'

Only the Alton Amateur greenhouses and Alton Traditional greenhouses include the unique 'Vent-access' sliding side vents. These unique vents are fantastic for low level ventilation as they provide ventilation at the bottom of the greenhouse (exactly where you need cool, fresh air to come in) These are provided in generous numbers (for example an 8’ x10’ model has four included as standard) These 'Vent-access' vents are opened from the outside – this is a very good feature especially if you are growing tomatoes or have greenhouse benching in the way. Most other wooden greenhouse manufacturers tend not to offer low level vent access but instead offer louvres as extras – the thing to remember is that these can cost as much as £140 - so in order to produce the same level of ventilation as the four ‘Vent-access’ vents do (which come included on an 8x10 Alton greenhouse) it is possible you could spend as much as £560 on four low level louvres!

Designed With Gardeners In Mind

Alton greenhouses are designed with gardeners in mind and have always been since their development in 1921, all Alton Heritage greenhouses come with free concreate base kerbs, free side ‘Vent-Access’ ventilation, and gutters with downpipes. Alton greenhouses continue to produce the best results for growers as they have done for the past 90+ years. Alton’s maintenance-free cedar greenhouses are built to last and now include a whole host of additional features that gardeners have told Alton they would like to see implemented to improve their growing experience.

Alton Amateur Greenhouse Package

Alton listened to their customers feedback to make their new range of Heritage greenhouses even better! For most greenhouse gardeners, choosing the right greenhouse is a very important decision. It not only must provide as near the perfect growing environment for your delicate and precious plants, it must also look good. So in consultation with greenhouse gardeners, Alton have introduced a range of new features into the Amateur, Octagonal and Traditional ranges that will improve both the functionality and appearance of Alton's cedar greenhouses.


Partly Boarded Door –

One of these introductions is the lower part of the sliding door is now vertically boarded with cedar providing extra strength and good looks and help to prevent breakages.

New Pelmet Design –

Another introduction is Alton’s attention to detail that is shown in the improved pelmet design above sliding doors. Alton Octagonal greenhouses now include guttering above the door as well as all sides and includes a down pipe at the rear to make it easier to collect water in a barrel.

Brown Powder coated metal work –

Brown Powder coated metal work is now included so as the co-ordinating with the base kerbs and cedar thus giving an improved & more attractive finish.


Hanging Basket Hooks –

The eaves and ridge braces now feature hooks which are ideal for hanging baskets and for tying supporting string & adding canes when growing tomatoes. Please Note: These hooks are not available with Alton Octagonal greenhouses.

Steel Bracing –

The durable and strong steel bracing in the Heritage range has now been improved with discrete, brown powder-coating and is used throughout.

Convenient Door Locking –

A more comfortable door handle has been included along with a higher locking point thus avoiding the need to bend. Alton Octagonal greenhouses also feature a new and improved door handle and lock.


Slatted Design –

The new slatted design ensures good ventilation through the pots standing on the bench, promoting stronger plants and preventing disease

Stronger Staging & Shelving Slats –

Thicker and stronger finger-jointed hardwood slats that are laminated, for extra strength, that will stand the test of time.

Steel cantilever bracing –

Steel cantilever bracing reduces the need for staging legs & high level shelving straps, this will give you more room to grow your plants!

Alton Amateur Greenhouse

Alton Amateur Greenhouse

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