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They have been developed in the UK and are manufactured in the UK by Alton greenhouses in Staffordshire.


More Wood


Whilst most manufacturers of greenhouses are cutting back on the thickness of the framework and other fittings Alton Evolution greenhouses are using thicker timbers than those usually used in the production of this type of greenhouse.


Bar Capping


Their unique bar capping system, which is available in either cedarwood or aluminium, holds the glass in very firmly and prevents ‘rattling’, as can be found in most other ‘dry glazed’ greenhouses.


Mortice & Tenon


Joints Instead of using ‘butt jointing’ they are using the traditional carpentry method of ‘Mortice and Tenon’ joints, which are far stronger.


Safety Glass


Toughened safety glass is used as standard, making them far safer if the glass happens to get broken, as it crumbles into small pieces very much like the side window of a car.


Straight Sides


The straight 5’7” high sides make it easier to work in also enabling both staging and shelving to be installed without any wasted space, as is the case with greenhouses with sloping sides.


Metal Base


The coated metal base ensures the glass does not sit onto the wood thus taking the water away and keeping the timber dryer helping to prevent rot and decay.


Glass Overlap


The glass overlaps at the eaves taking the water directly into the gutter and away from the timber at the bottom of the frame.


Guttering and Down


Pipes Guttering and down-pipe are also provided as standard enabling you to either collect the water from the roof into a water butt or channel it away from you Alton Evolution greenhouse.


Roof Vents


An appropriate number of roof vents are also provided, these are fitted with an automatic roof vent opener as standard.


Louvre Windows


Your Alton Evolution greenhouse will also include one or more louvre windows to ensure complete circulation of air in your greenhouse.


Low Door Threshold


As there is no step at the door this will enable you to take a wheelbarrow or a wheelchair directly into your greenhouse without tripping over the doorstep.




If at a later stage you find you need to extend your Alton Evolution greenhouse you can easily do so with an Evolution extension kit. Partitions Many experienced gardeners like to have the best of both worlds and purchase a partition for their greenhouse, using one end for heated propagation in the spring and the other end is kept cool as a hardening off area before moving the plants out to an outdoor cold frame prior to planting in the garden.

Alton Evolution Greenhouse

Alton Evolution Greenhouse

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