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Evolution Range

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The Alton Evolution brings a whole new concept for a Cedar Greenhouse...

Since 1921 when Alton greenhouses was founded, Alton has been at the forefront of the Cedarwood greenhouse market.

The unmistakable sloping sided Amateur greenhouse in the Heritage range has led the market for decades and was at the cutting edge of greenhouse design at the time of its introduction in the 50s.

The Alton greenhouse design team have been putting their vast experience and knowledge coupled with years of feedback from satisfied Alton customers so as to be able to create a Cedar greenhouse which is fit for the 21st Century. They have called it the Alton Evolution range...


The Alton Evolution range is designed and manufactured in the UK…

The Alton Evolution is manufactured in Alton’s own workshop in Staffordshire.

The entire building is machined in-house in their fully equipped workshop.

Modern additions to the manufacturing process is the use CNC technology, this is computerised machines which give highly accurate results.

These advances in joinery and machining technology have enabled Allton’s to produce a flat packed cedarwood greenhouse which takes no longer to build than the old Heritage system of awkward to handle fully glazed panels.


Below are four reasons why the Alton Evolution greenhouse models are even stronger...

More wood! 

Over the years some greenhouse manufacturers have used thinner materials in order to save cost.

The Alton Evolution greenhouse models actually use thicker glazing bars which are based on 44mm x 44mm timbers or 44mm x 69mm in places. 


How do Alton achieve this and still remain cost effective? 

During the design of the Alton Evolution greenhouse, they discovered that the largest part of the costs was in double handling, storage and distribution.

So by manufacturing and delivering the Alton Evolution in a flat packed format considerable financial efficiencies could be made, which means that you, the customer, gets far more for your money.


Bar Capping 

The glass in the majority of wooden Greenhouses is held in by a thin timber beading or the glass slots into a groove.

This can lead to the glass 'rattling' in the frame during windy conditions.

The Alton Evolution greenhouse id held in with the newly developed bar capping system which grips the toughened glass tightly holding it securely and firmly in place thus preventing the glass from tattling in the wind.


Mortice and Tenon joints are used..

The mortice and tenon jointing system used in the manufacturing of the Alton Evolution greenhouse has the duel benefit of enabling assembly to be straight forward along with adding strength to the main framework. 


Toughened safety glass is used as standard..

3mm Toughened safety glass is supplied as standard with all Evolution greenhouses and is in full length panes this means that every pane of glass is helping to build the rigidity of the overall structure.

Did you know Toughened glass is 5-7 times stronger than standard horticultural glass?

If in the unlikely event that you are unfortunate enough to break a pane, it will disintegrate into thouands of small pieces, just like the window of your car – this greatly reducing the chances of injury from dangerous shards which you would get with horticultural glass.


Metal base

The metal base provided a standard with the Alton Evolution greenhouses keeps the cedarwood well away from the greenhouse base where water can sit and start to rot the timber.

This unique steel base design feature allows the glass to sit directly onto the metal base – this feature means the water is not running onto the wood (which is a 'rot-spot' on other makes of greenhouses).

This Metal base is included on every Evolution model, regardless of which kind of capping you choose.


The glass overlaps at eaves...

The water from the roof glass runs straight into the guttering because of this feature again helping to prevent the wood getting saturated with water and rotting.

This is included on every Alton Evolution model, and is regardless of which kind of capping you choose.


Guttering and Downpipes

Guttering takes the water away from your greenhouse and allows you to collect it in water butts or use during hot dry spells.

Guttering and down pipes are included on every Evolution model, this is regardless of the kind of bar capping you choose to use.


Roof Vents

An adequate allocation of roof vents is included with every Alton Evolution model furthermore every roof vent has an automatic opener included as standard.

You do not need any electricity for these automatic roof vent openers to operate as they work through heat expansion alone to open your roof vents gradually, according to the temperature you have set them at as the temperature changes. 

Being fully adjustable, they assist you to create the perfect greenhouse growing environment.


Louvre Vents

Alton Evolution greenhouses also include one or more louvre windows as standard.

It is also the writers advice that, as a professional nurseryman, you use these louver vents to the best advantage, as used in conjunction with the roof vents they will help keep your glasshouse environment in the optimum condition, as these work in tandem with your roof vents - as the automatic roof vents open they release the warm air, the greenhouse then sucks air in through the louvers causing a circulation of fresh air throughout your greenhouse.

These are best positioned near the bottom at the side of the greenhouse or in the rear section.

These are supplied as manual opening as standard but can automated if you wish as an optional extra.


The Evolution has high eaves

The Evolution has an eaves height of 5'7".

The extra high eaves offers you several advantages:

To begin with there will be more air in your greenhouse helping to create a better growing environment for your plants, another advantage is you will have more head room along with a higher door, you will also have adequate room for a high level shelf above the staging in your Alton greenhouse.


No step at the door for easy access.

The Alton Evolution greenhouse door system includes as standard a low-profile door threshold.

This feature means that you have ground level access trough the door with no base to tip over, as you find with many other makes of greenhouse.

Alton Evolution greenhouse models of 8' wide and above have 4' wide double doors, which allows for easy access for a wheelchair or wheelbarrow.


Extend your greenhouse to any length..

If you are a serious greenhouse gardener then Alton’s Evolution  EIGHT, TEN and TWELVE models will fir the bill - they're extendable to any length in increments of 2ft.


Evolution Internal Partition

On the wider models, it is possible to add an internal partition with sliding door.

This will enable you to create two separate environments – one for propagation in the spring, the other for either cold or frost free during the winter, you will then be able to grow your cucumbers in one and your tomatoes in the other.

Alternatively, if you specalise in different species of plants, you will be able to grow plants that need one environment in one section and those that need another in the other section.

It is possible to position your partition anywhere along your Alton Evolution greenhouse except at the joint of an extension.

Alton Evolution Greenhouse

Alton Evolution Greenhouse

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