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Greenhouse Ventilation


The importance of Clean, fresh air in a greenhouse is as important to plants as regular watering.
There’s far more to ventilation than meets the eye and it is not just simply opening vents or the door.
Plants need to be kept at as constant a temperature as possible, especially during the spring months, when your seedlings and cuttings are just emerging or rooting, think of them as babies.
This is where an automatic vent opener comes into it's own as this will control the amount of air and heat build up in your greenhouse.
During the summer months, when you have your tomatoes or lettuce growing, which will need more air flow and you need a current of air to flow through your Alton greenhouse, in order to keep your plants cool and free from botrytis especially at ground level where plants are vulnerable to mould.
This is where the unique Alton ventilation system, which can be found on all Alton Greenhouses, is proven to produce healthier plants and higher yields.
The same effect is achieved in the Evolution with the use of optional low level louvre vents.



Alton Greenhouse ventilation diagram



Louvre vents are mid-level vents and are available as an optional extra on all models of Alton Greenhouses. Louvre vents can be fitted with manual or automatic openers, which will open and close your greenhouse vents utomatically.



Roof vents are fitted as standard on all models of Alton Greenhouses with manual openers in alternate bays .
Automatic roof vent openers are available as an option.
The Alton Octagonal range has automatic roof vent openers fitted as standard.



Double doors are available as an option on the larger Amateur & as standard on the larger Evolution models, apart from providing wider step-free access, which is ideal for garden machinery, wheelchair access and wheelbarrows, they also provide additional ventilation.



All Alton Greenhouses can be extended in length, in either direction, by using the pre-treated extension modules.
All you do is simply remove the end panel, bolt the extension modules to your existing greenhouse and replace the end panel into the end of the extension.

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