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Greenhouse Installation

Installing Your Alton Cedar Greenhouses

A Good Foundation is Essential

Alton greenhouses, like all other buildings, need to be installed on a suitably prepared base/site it is most important that the site is correctly prepared.
It is recommend that you prepare a full concrete base or a perimeter footing of concrete or paving slabs for your Alton greenhouse to stand on.
It is very important that the base is level and firm as even though an Alton Heritage greenhouse has concrete base kerbs and the Evolution range has a steel base, a stable, level base is still essential for your Alton greenhouse helps to prevent the wood from coming into contact with damp soil thus helping to prevent decay and helps overcome any problems opening and closing the door.

As an authorised Alton retailer we will usually be able to help you with advice or even arrange to have a prepared base laid for you.
Barretts be able to provide you with details of a professional Alton Installer if you don’t want to erect it your new Alton greenhouse yourself.
The documents in the link below will also prove useful:

Greenhouse Foundation detail

Alton Base dimensions


If you would like your Alton greenhouse professionally erected please phone 01945 410 361

Self Assembly

Most of your Alton Greenhouse sections will arrive pre-glazed, making it easy to install.
Instructions for various Alton greenhouses can be found in the links below.
Full instructions will also be supplied with your Alton greenhouse.


Amateur Greenhouses:

8’0” width
10’0” width

Octagonal Greenhouses:

6’ x 6
6’ x 8’6”
8’6” x 8’6”
8’6” x 11’

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