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  • Alton Victorian greenhouse - These Victorian greenhouses are built to the traditional design.
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  • Alton Evolution 12 greenhouse - This 12ft wide Alton Evolution greenhouse is the widest in the range

Alton Greenhouses -The Finest Cedar Greenhouses brought to you by Barretts Leisure


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Alton Amateur Greenhouses
Lean-To Greenhouses
Octagonal Greenhouses

Alton Amateur wooden greenhouses.

These Cedar Wood greenhouses can be as individual as your needs. The Alton Amateur has angled sides making good use of the low Winter sun enabling you to grow effectively throughout the year. These Cedarwood greenhouses are available in three widths and seven standard lengths,

Lean To Greenhouse

If you have only limited space or perhaps you have a spare wall, the Alton Amateur or Traditional cedarwood lean-to greenhouse are an ideal solution.
These Lean-To greenhouses are available in seven standard lengths, with the option of extending them if you wish.
They have a wide sliding door which can be fitted at either end, the sides of the Amateur cedarwood Lean-To greenhouse slope to catch the low-angled winter sun, alternatively the Traditional Lean-to greenhouse has straight sides, which can be useful for staging and shelves.

Wooden Octagonal Greenhouse

An Octagonal greenhouse has a distinctive style and will suit any garden setting, their elegant and compact shape provides a beautifully building for your garden with a proportioned and attractive growing space.
These Alton Octagonal greenhouses including as standard brown guttering & down pipe, brown base kerbs and a new door handle and lock.
In addition to these standard features, your Octagonal Greenhouse will feature the new style of Alton staging and shelving, featuring much thicker & stronger gluelam, finger jointed hardwood slats, supported by cantilever steel braces.
creating much more growing room!
There is also a host of options available to personalise your greenhouse including glass to ground panels instead of boarded bottom panels.


Evolution Greenhouses
Victorian greenhouses
Alton Evolution Greenhouses

Alton Evolution Cedarwood Greenhouse

Your Alton Evolution cedarwood greenhouse will be crafted in the Alton workshop in Staffordshire.
Every piece of Cedarwood is machined within their own fully equipped factory.
Some of the workers have been reliably making Alton greenhouses for over 40 years.
Modern additions to the factory are CNC technology which gives highly accurate results.
Technical advances in machining and joinery technology enabled Alton to produce a flat-packed greenhouse which takes no longer to build than the older more original system of awkward to handle fully glazed greenhouse panels.

Alton Victorian Greenhouse

Alton Victoran Greenhouses have tall elegant windows and a steep 45° pitched roof, these Alton Wooden Victorian greenhouses are part of our gardening 'yester years', recalling a time when the UK fell in love with gardening under glass.
Uncompromising attention to detail and using the finest materials available, the Alton Victorian greenhouse is both beautiful and functional.
The Alton Victorian is the original cedarwood Victorian greenhouse, which is now the finest money can buy.
The Alton Evolution Victorian greenhouse looks absolutly fantastic in any garden and is available in dwarf wall, glass to ground, and partly boarded options in various sizes.

Alton Greenhouses

Alton Greenhouses really knows how to make the perfect cedarwood greenhouse.
They have been manufacturing wooden greenhouses in the heart of England since 1921 and their latest range of cedarwood greenhouses is their finest.
It doesn't matter how large or small your garden, you’ll find an Alton greenhouse which will complement any garden setting, the high quality materials and workmanship will give you pleasure and enjoyment for years to come.
Alton's latest range of greenhouses features a whole raft of improvements designed with the interested greenhouse gardener in mind.
With it's Improved Appearance, Staging and Shelving and Functionality, together with a newly Improved Service, provide you with an unrivalled combination of features and benefits within the entire Alon Greenhouse range.



Why compromise? Choose an Alton Cedar greenhouse

Alton greenhouses are built in their factory in the Heart of England. As a market leader in cedar greenhouses Alton have for many years been the benchmark against which other wooden greenhouse gardening enthusiast measure their choice.

Growing better crops through Design

As with many other products the secret of good design is in the detail and in this Alton is no exception to the rule.

From the amount and quality of cedar and other materials used, to the design of the sections,. the inclusion of very strong toughened safety glass as standard, the ease of access with no intrusive base to trip over, particularity for disabled users, automatic vent openers supplied as standard on roof vents, a range of optional extras to personalise your new Alton greenhouse, a popular range of sizes so you can optimise the size for your needs. All these features are designed with you in mind.

Uncompromising Strength -The durability and strength of an Alton greenhouse is very well known in the gardening fraternity! Only the best quality Western Red Cedar is used. The whole greenhouse range is technically over specified and designed to cope with gale force winds, heavy snow falls and most other gardening perils.

Experience -Alton's reputation has always been built on quality, innovation and attention to detail. All their great practical designs have been developed over the years by listening to their customers needs.

Toughened Safety Glass as standard -adds strength, safety and will give you peace of mind, toughened glass to BS6206 Class A is supplied as standard. Class A is the best quality of the A. B.C. toughened glass classification.

Easy Access -for wheelbarrow and wheelchair access Alton greenhouses have a level threshold, so NO step to trip over!

Design detail -full lengths of toughened safety glass are used this avoids the unsightly build up of algae where the smaller panes of glass overlap.

Guarantee - Alton give a 10 year guarantee that if any part of the cedar framework rots or decays within 10 years of purchase, they will replace it promptly and free of charge. This in addition to your statutory rights.

Installation - Alton offer a nationwide affordable erection service for their greenhouses. All you have to do is to provide a suitable concrete or slab base.

Alton Greenhouses

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Installation of
Alton Greenhouses

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Have Your Alton Greenhouses Installed

When you consider where you are going to build your Alton Greenhouse in your garden it is always best practice not to build it next to a wall or fence as this will restrict the light getting to your plants,again don't place it under overhanging trees as they will shade your greenhouse.

Always try and build your Alton Greenhouse in full sunlight to get the best results.

Finally, you must allow sufficient access around the outside walls to enable you to keep the glass clean.

When marking out the position where you are going to construct your Alton Greenhouse with pegs and cord it is most important to ensure that your marked area is square, to do this measure diagonally between the top-left and bottom-right pegs and ensure that the distance is equal to the distance between the top-right and bottom-left pegs.

If you have access to a try square so as to ensure that all angles are at 90 degrees.

When you take delivery of your Alton Greenhouse kit. you should make sure all parts are present by laying them out in order so that they can be easily identified.

Always follow the manufacturers instructions carefully.

The instructions are very comprehensive and you will only need the minimum DIY knowledge be able to complete the job without difficulty.

If I don’t have any D.I.Y. experience or the time or are not confident, can you help?


Alton Greenhouses-uk can put you in touch with a team of professionals who will be pleased to construct your Cedar Greenhouse for you. The cost of assembling is dependent upon the size of the greenhouse

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Alton Greenhouse Delivery

Alton Greenhouses will deliver your Cedar Greenhouse free of charge to UK mainland addresses with the exception of:

Postcodes AB,DD,IV,KW,PH and TR: For these post codes there will be an extra £100 delivery charge.


For all off shore deliveries , the greenhouse can be packed onto an 'export pallet' and delivered to a mainland address for a cost of £150.

Any shortages can only be delivered to a mainland address.

Your Alton Greenhouse will be delivered mostly in large pre-glazed panels with the largest being the gable ends. You should consider if these will pass under arches, overhanging trees etc.

Alton Greenhouses Delivery

If you have any questions about your Alton Greenhouse delivery

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